One Book Rightly Divided Radio Interview


Dr. Stauffer was the featured radio speaker on over 150 stations in the continental United States, as well as, Russia, Europe, Central and South America, Asia, Australia, and India on shortwave.

This radio interview with Noah Hutchings covers the teaching of One Book Rightly Divided. The book proves that there is a right and wrong way to study. The right way: Bible study God's way using God's method of study through rightly dividing the word of truth. Dispensational theology and dispensational premillennialism remain the only means for grasping the truths of God's word. 

This book along with the 6-hour DVD teaching series was ten years in the making and finally available for those who love God and love His word. Dr. Stauffer teaches 14 chapters of this book in “Changed by the Book.” Gone are the days of being tossed to and fro by man's opinions and being further confused by teachers of false doctrines. After examining this series, you will read and study your Bible with a renewed zeal and confidence. By applying these principles to your Bible study, others will be shocked by your grasp of the Bible. Before long, the student in turn becomes the God be the glory!

Each of the Bible studies uses the King James Version of the Bible to prove the pre-tribulation rapture and the correct dispensational teaching while refuting the pre-wrath prophecy teachings. While considering the whole counsel of God, 2 Timothy 2:15 serves as the primary Bible study focus. There are many Bible study methods, but if you truly want to learn the Bible, this study will help assist you in ways that others have failed. Buy the book or the DVD set on this website direct from the author at a discount. 

Every Bible student should study God's word from a Bible believing perspective using the King James only. Remember how important it is to rightly divide the word of truth (KJV only) and study the Bible God's way. 


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