One Book One Authority Radio Interview


Dr. Stauffer was the featured radio speaker on over 150 stations in the continental United States, as well as, Russia, Europe, Central and South America, Asia, Australia, and India on shortwave. 

Dr. Douglas Stauffer is the author of many highly acclaimed books including the “One Book” trilogy. This trilogy includes “One Book Rightly Divided,” “One Book Stands Alone” and “One Book One Authority.” The first of these books is also included in the highly acclaimed Swordsearcher Bible software. Each of the books uses only the King James Version as its absolute basis and standard. One Book One Authority serves as the sequel volume to One Book Stands Alone. Both of these books have provided the answers to end the King James only debate by providing the necessary history and facts without the caustic attitude so prevalent. Those who want to believe and understand the King James Bible will find answers to help in their search for truth.

One Book One Authority serves a peculiar niche for those who want to study God’s word and learn the Bible from a Bible believing perspective. It delves directly into the King James Only issue by providing a one of a kind Bible Believing book. This book provides the many Bible study helps and methods that have helped to strengthen the many King James ministries worldwide. Buy Doug Stauffer materials on this website direct from the author for a discount and the best price.

This book will help you with:

·          The King James only debate
·          Understanding about the King James translators
·          King James facts
·          The King James history (the Bible and the king)
·          King James ministries that stand for truth unapologetically 


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