Jonah & Jude MP3



Dr. Stauffer teaches the book of Jonah (4 studies) with a bonus teaching of the book of Jude (4 studies). Each verse covered in detail with multiple cross references.

Disc titles for Jonah:

Study 1 (1:1 to 1:11) "The Preacher Flees from God's Presence"
Study 2 (1:12 to 2:10) "Jonah: A Type of Christ"
Study 3 (chapter 3) "Serving the God of Second Chances"
Study 4 (chapter 4) "The Call to Missions"

Disc titles for Jude:

Study 1 (verses 1-4) "Contending for the Faith"
Study 2 (verses 5-11) "Way of Cain and Error of Balaam"
Study 3 (verses 12-15) "Judgment of the Ungodly"
Study 4 (verses 16-25) "Building Up Yourselves"

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