First Corinthians MP3 Set (volume 1)


Dr. Stauffer teaches the book of 1st Corinthians (MP3 only). Each verse covered in detail with multiple cross references.

Study titles:

Study 1 (1:1 to 1:10) "Sanctification--Past, Present and Future"
Study 2 (1:11 to 1:22) "The Preaching of the Cross is the Power of God"
Study 3 (1:23 to 2:2) "He that Glorieth, Let Him Glory in the Lord"
Study 4 (2:2 to 2:13) "The Spirit has Revealed the Deep Things of God"
Study 5 (2:14 to 3:9) "Man Plants and Waters, God Gives the Increase"
Study 6 (3:10 to 3:23) "The Work Tried at the Judgment Seat of Christ"
Study 7 (4:1 to 4:7) "Stewards of the Seven Mysteries"
Study 8 (4:8 to 5:4) "We are Fools for Christ's Sakes"
Study 9 (5:5 to 6:12) "Delivered Unto Satan for the Destruction of the Flesh"
Study 10 (6:13 to 7:15) "What? Know ye Not?..."
Study 11 (7:16 to 8:6) "Ye are Bought with a Price"
Study 12 (8:7 to 9:23) "Preachers of the Gospel Should Live of the Gospel"



  • Model: MP3-1ST COR I

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