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1-4. (4 DVD set): In the Last Days
5-7. (3 DVD set): God's Wrath versus The Pre-Tribulation RAPTURE
8-14. (7 DVD) set: Changed by the book: Study the Bible God's Way!
15. Tour Israel & Jordan: Watch the Bible Come to Life!
16. Harry Potter DVD: Innocent Entertainment? or Darkness Disguised?
17-18. (2 DVD) set: Mel Gibson's Passion: A Biblical Analysis
19. The DaVinci CON: The Great Deception!
20. One Book Stands Alone (volume I): Modern Version's attack on the doctrine of salvation
21. One Book Stands Alone (volume II): Modern Version's attack on the doctrine of the deity of Christ
22. One Book Stands Alone (volume III): Proof the Roman Catholic Influence behind the Modern Versions
23. One Book Stands Alone (volume IV): The New King James PerVersion

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